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NASA UTM 2020: What's Next?
Stay tuned for the exciting future that lies ahead for UTM

NASA UTM 2019: Completion of Technical Capability Level 4
TCL 4 successfully concluded in August 2019, with flight tests at two different locations, and 35 participating organizations
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NASA UTM 2018: Completion of Technical Capability Level 3
TCL 3 was completed in March 2018, with approximately 40 participating organizations. Agreements were formalized with the FAA
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NASA UTM 2017: National Campaign
The highly successful National Campaign was executed between May and June at six test sites
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NASA UTM 2016: Technical Capability Levels 1 and 2
In 2016, UTM moved into high gear with the completion of two demonstrations, TCL 1 and TCL 2.
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NASA UTM 2015: The Next Era of Aviation
The NASA Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM) Convention was held July 28-30.
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This image shows applications for small UAV, including agriculture, surveillance, photo, search and rescue, and cargo delivery.
NASA'S concept of a UTM system, managing various commercial and public safety missions
NASA UTM in 2017: Highlights

2017 UTM continued in high gear.

The highly successful TCL2 National Campaign was executed between May and June at six test sites in Alaska, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Texas, and Virginia. Approximately 40 partners participated, completing shakedowns and flight tests, with NASA USS and FIMS running in the cloud. Data feeds were validated on site as well as at the new UTM lab at NASA Ames Research Center.

In addition, UTM made other significant accomplishments during the year:

In January, the UAS Traffic Management (UTM) Research Transition Plan was finalized with the FAA. This agreement defines FAA and NASA collaborative efforts planned through September 2020. The UTM Pilot Program was established in April, in close coordination with the FAA, and will have a two-year timeline.

Four Working Groups are now established. Three were kicked off in 2017
    - Concepts and Use Cases (2016)
    - Data Exchange (2017
    - Sense and Avoid (2017)
    - Communications and Navigation (2017)

The UTM research platform continued to evolve. This included NASA FIMS and USS prototypes, and user interfaces.

Preparations for TCL3, scheduled for 2018, ramped up. This third level of testing focused on
    - System-level evaluation, including contingency management and off-nominal conditions
    - Separation, including both cooperative and non-cooperative aircraft, and ground obstacles
    - Direct and distributed communication and control
    - Navigation, close to people and building, both terrestrial and satellite based

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